Public Service Announcement: A word regarding Silencer Etiquette

Presenting: a useful tip regarding the silencer (more accurately known as the ‘suppressor’ – blame Hollywood).

If someone has you at a disadvantage, and is calmly screwing a silencer onto their firearm (which will almost certainly be a pistol, if you’re close enough to be seeing it), make some goddam noise.

You see, they wouldn’t need a silencer at all if noise were not inimical to their plans at this point. And their plans, let’s be honest, don’t involve you more than a minute or two into the future.

Making some noise may not save your life – indeed, you run the risk of provoking them into shooting you sooner – but let’s face it, they’re already making it fairly clear that ending your life is a priority, so what have you got to lose? It’s not like you owe someone trying to kill you anything, and how much less do you owe someone who not only wants to murder you, but also to get away with it?

Even in the event that you don’t prevent your own murder, you will almost certainly attract enough attention to prevent your murderer from escaping – and, given that the user of a silencer is likely a professional killer, you would probably be saving someone else’s life down the line.

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