Trust30 prompts: Courage to Connect by David Spinks

Men imagine that they communicate their virtue or vice only by overt actions, and do not see that virtue or vice emit a breath every moment. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who is one person that you’ve been dying to connect with, but just haven’t had the courage to reach out to? First, reflect on why you want to get in touch with them. Then, reach out and set up a meeting.

Oddly enough, I just did this a couple of days ago.

I reached out to an old friend I haven’t seen since they left Melbourne more than a decade ago, trying to bridge that gap… I mostly just want to know that they’re okay. They’re someone that I worry about, even after all this time. It would be nice to get back in touch on a more permanent basis, but just knowing that they’ve built a new life for themself and are happy would be enough.

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