Twelve and Thirteen

I see a lot of people out there saying how 2012 sucked for them, and an equal number saying how it rocked for them. That must be nice. To have a memory of a year that you feel strongly about.

To me, 2012 was a nothing year. Good things happened and bad things happened, but none so very great in either direction (not in my life, at least). I made progress on a bunch of projects, I acheived a greater understanding of who I am and what I want, but in none of these was there a sense of any great accomplishment. (Especially the latter, which often felt like either I had finally stopped resisting realizing a thing, or in other cases, that I was the last one to figure it out.)

I’ll look back on 2012 with a sense of disappointment and embarassment, both coming from the same source: I did not dare. I did not risk. And conversely, in other cases, I did not perservere. I did not endure.

These are all failings that I’m thoroughly sick of, so let me tell you right now what’s planned for 2013.

Starting next Sunday will be a medium-sized project, The Annotated Ten Commandments, which will last ten weeks, and which will then be self-published in various forms. That self-publication will not go un-accompanied: in the near future, I’ll be dusting off my old company name and re-purposing it to do the work I really want to do. There will be a website and everything, and the first thing it will do is sell three books of mine that I imagine will fail to endear me to a great many people. There will be another website for another set of publications, which I will also tell you more about in due course. And this is just the start, this is the stuff that’s going to carry me through the next quarter or so. Later in the year will see at least one more book, and definitely some other stuff – although at the moment, I’m still tossing up various ideas. As I settle on things, you’ll hear about them here, though.

There’s also the continuing revision and updating of this site, notably the various Timelines, but also (when I can find the time) the Keating! annotations. There may also be some new features on this site – again, I’m still deciding what to do when, and you’ll hear about it here when I do.

A year from now, when I look back at 2013, I expect to feel very bloody tired – but also, very satisfied (and hopefully, even more ambitious for 2014).

I hope you won’t be bored 😉