My toe in your water

It’s hard to know quite what to write in this space. Given the opportunity to say anything at all, I find that rather than having everything to say, I have nothing to say. Nothing I am sure of. Who might read this? How might they react? This is public, after all, and I have even less control over who sees it than I do on Facebook (although I do have room for a lot more nuance here, which I like).

But instead I am careful, and cautious, and all those other words that sound like one is mature and adult but actually mean “afraid”.

Well. Perhaps admitting that fear is a necessary step to over-coming it. I’d like that.

2 thoughts on “My toe in your water”

  1. I have three personal blogs, plus the blogging I do for the Progressives. Each is devoted to either a passion or a personal journey. I found that separating them out like that helped me to focus. So there’s one devoted to the education and care of children, one about my experience with cancer and one in which I was philosophising about issues raised as I started a university course. If you want people to read your blog, you need to specialise and advertise by having an associated Facebook page through which you post your ‘episodes’. Anyway, I enjoy reading this!

    1. Thank you for this, Candy. I have to admit, I didn’t really get much from what you said at first, and then when I was lying in bed waiting to fall asleep last night, suddenly all the pieces came together in my head and it made so much sense. So thank you for helping me crystalise what I was thinking about.

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