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… Get that right and the irons within this category can seriously raise your enjoyment of the game. Surrounding the sweet spot with weight increases the MOI and stability and drops the CG in the longer irons. In fact, no fewer than three models returned less than 5% carry distance loss on mishits – Cobra King Forged Tec, Ping i210 and Titleist T200 – but no other iron in the whole test broke the 5% barrier. RELATED: Best Drivers for Beginners and High Handicappers. And, believe us, they nudge the bar upwards in terms of what’s expected of a players’ distance iron. You've come to the right place. This gives the manufacturers’ engineers the ability to manipulate the centre-of-gravity location in the clubhead to help shots launch higher from a stronger loft as well as deliver more forgiveness over Category 1 and Category 2 models. Lofts generally are fairly traditional, since golfers at this level want very consistent gapping and predictable yardages, even on slight mishits. The TaylorMade SIM Max OS is a very good iron for lots of club golfers. Brands invest huge sums developing new technology in this area. But the SIM Max OS story isn’t just about power; it’s about ultimate forgiveness, too. Also immediately apparent is the new, more modern design of the new Titleist irons, a noticeable departure from prior Titleist products which maintained a more traditional appearance. The Ping G410 has a shorter blade length and 10% less hosel offset, which positions the G iron, looks-wise at least, closer to a players’ iron than ever before. The toplines are reasonably thin and shaft weights tend to be a little lighter than those found in blades. This is great as long as your swing isn’t too weight sensitive and you lose the ability to ‘time’ shots. In a category where irons often look cheap or built with non-premium materials, the T300 irons look every bit the part of a performance iron as its T Series colleagues. How do Forgiveness Category 4 models compare in data? Titleist pushed the envelope, with the CNCPT series, in materials, construction, and cost, and like all things technology, the longer it’s available the less expensive it becomes to mass manufacture. Our favourite irons with a forgiveness rating of 2.5. BUY IT NOW: Get the Mizuno MP-20 HMB irons from Scottsdale Golf, EXPLAINED: Forgiveness Category 2 - Player's Irons, Honma T//World 747 Vx / TaylorMade P760 / Srixon Z785 / Mizuno JPX 919 Tour / Titleist T100 / Honma T//World 747 V / Titleist 620 CB / Ping iBlade. The AP3 was the iron that Titleist had been waiting for as their AP2s headed to the tour and the AP1s got longer, so they needed something in the middle for single figure players.. The Titleist T300 irons are the largest, most forgiving irons in the new T Series. The new Titleist T series irons have three new model, the T100, T200 and T300. BUY IT NOW: Get the Ping G410 irons from Scottsdale Golf. PLAYER DISTANCE IRONS Titleist T200. The feel is responsive and smooth, everything you’re looking for in a players iron. The midsize T300 irons are a game improvement iron set. They have big wide soles to launch shots high with increased forgiveness, while designers claim they also help prevent digging into the turf, thereby reducing fat shots. Our favourite irons with a forgiveness rating of 2. Don’t be fooled by our data into thinking that Players Distance Irons are the wonder drug for all golfers… they’re not. In this case, the technology story largely mirrors that of the T200, but it’s worth noting that unlike T200’s hollow body design, T300 features a cavityback implementation of Max Impact technology in the 4-7 irons (Max Impact has no real benefit in the higher lofted clubs, so as it does in the T200, … Our data shows a small improvement for our test pro over the previous model, certainly not worth upgrading for, but that was never Ping's intention. While Titleist hasn’t shared technical details or even where each of the new irons fits in the lineup, we’ve been told that the T100 replaces the AP2, the T200 is the new AP3, while the T300 is the amalgamated love child (my words) of the T-MB and the AP1. More recently, Justin Thomas notably remarked that he liked the extra height he got with the T100 4 iron. The really important question is whether you can stop shots on a green, especially moving into the longer irons. Less emphasis is placed on expanding the sweet spot as large as possible, and more focus is placed on feel and consistency. Consistent with current sales trends and manufacturing objectives in the golf industry, players distance irons are quickly growing into the most popular category of irons on the market. As well as launch monitor data from our pro, we’ve given every iron a forgiveness rating to spell out simply what sort of players should be considering what sort of models, and why. If you lay the impact sound of the SIM Max over TaylorMade’s forged tour-level P760 iron, the pair are almost indistinguishable. The average 7-iron loft in this category was 2° stronger than in the Category 1 models, which inevitably means extra ball speed and distance. Yet, magically, because the custom tuning port has moved to the toe, forgiveness has increased by 8%. Most major brands have five, six or even seven irons in their 2020 line-ups, which shows the importance of having solutions for all golfers, irrespective of ability or personal preference. All CNCPT; CP-02; CP-03; CP-04; Vokey Design Wedges. Player irons generally are pretty similar to blades for hosel offset, topline thickness and sole width. On average, our eight Category 3 models had 1.4° less 7-iron loft (30.1°) than Category 2.5 models, which means they can target ball speed and distance. Historically, golfers have traded looks for forgiveness in this category, but modern models have come a long way in recent years. Combining the forgiveness of a game improvement iron with the look and feel of a players iron has been a win-win for manufacturers and players alike. When it comes to matching an iron to your ability, it’s really important not to confuse this category with full out game-improver models. Titleist is one of the most well-known names in golf and their irons are known for great ball control in their player’s irons. The average 7-iron loft of the blades we tested was 34.25°. Without the strongest lofts they might struggle to compete on pure launch monitor numbers (the SIM Max OS will), but for sensible golfers who know the importance of optimal numbers for launching, flighting and descending shots on to a green, we reckon the TaylorMade SIM Max is a very reliable and consistent iron to have in your golf bag. The Cobra Forged Tec was the fastest and longest player irons in our test, which is impressive when you realise they’re Cobra’s first stab at a hollow players’ iron. Your eye will instantly be drawn to the Max Impact port on the back of the clubhead and the completely redesigned shape. The OS was our longest super game-improvement iron (by three and four yards from the two hybrid irons), and it gave similar spin numbers to the wider and higher-lofted Wilson Launch Pad, which means shots will stop on a green. The extra playability means more shots carry sand and water hazards. Who should use Category 5 models (Hybrid Irons)? We’ve tested the Launcher HB Turbo a few times now, and each session has ended with our pro smiling from ear to ear. When designing a club for better players the objectives are different than clubs designed for beginners. In the age of technology stuffed super irons, it is refreshing to see a company use some restraint and premium materials when designing their game improvement irons. This shows how much is on the line if you get your iron decision wrong. In fact, shots flew higher and dropped at a steeper angle than our higher-lofted Category 1 blades. TaylorMade reckon iron design has got to a point where strong lofts are actually necessary to stop shots from spinning up and losing distance. How do Forgiveness Category 2 irons compare in data? The square shape to the irons is pleasing at address and promotes confidence during the swing. They also control drop-offs on mishits nicely, too. If you want a bit more help and an iron that is a little more confidence-inspiring BUT don’t want to sacrifice much on the workability, the 2019 Titleist T200 iron is your choice. So there’s a discussion to be had around whether strong loft irons are suited to the highest handicappers with the slowest swings. If your swing speed is modest, make sure you try strong lofted models on a launch monitor before buying and ensure you flight shots high enough, with plenty of backspin to maximise carry distance and stop shots on a green. Even golfers who have a good idea of which iron suits them probably don’t realise what they put on the line in terms of ball speed, carry and forgiveness by choosing a set above their station. If you need any evidence to support which type of golfer this category is aimed at, you only need to look at tour players like Jordan Spieth, Shane Lowry and Jason Day. T100 irons will be and already are being gamed by PGA Tour players. There absolutely will be no thin fast-face tech (not in the mid- to short-irons anyway), as many purists believe that face flex leads to inconsistencies. Plus, it’s worth remembering that more than 90% of tour events are won by players using forged models. Who should use Category 2 models (Player's Irons)? He felt it gave him a better chance of holding greens from further out and incorporated the 4 iron into his bag before capturing the 2019 BMW Championship. It could be argued that the Callaway Mavrik irons haven’t quite had the same impact as the Callaway Mavrik woods did in the respective test, but the Callaway Mavrik Max is well worthy of a place among our favourite super game-improvement irons of 2020. The T200 irons have a slightly squarer toe and a flatter topline from toe to heel. The driver is the club the majority of beginner... Best Hybrid Golf Clubs 2020: We reveal the best... Avoid embarrassment and costly mistakes as a... PXG say they develop new products without time or... Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: BUY IT NOW: Get the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons from Scottsdale Golf. Even with lightweight shafts, our two models produced the smallest carry distance loss of any category (5.8%). While these aren’t irons that I would personally play because they don’t fit my game, if I were in the market for some game improvement irons I would give the T300 irons a serious look. Interestingly, the T300 appears to have less offset than the T200. In fact, Brand Ambassador Jordan Spieth, who was an integral voice in the design and shaping process of these irons, has been playing a Tour Only set of T100 irons since the Open Championship. Incredibly, this is some 20 yards shorter than the Category 5 models. The extra playability that hybrids have brought to the long game have transformed many golfers’ games in the past decade. Again, that is extremely impressive technology. Titleist engineers use their expertise in cavity shaping and tungsten weighting to create irons that perform better on every strike. The issue they as a brand face now is that today’s amateur golfers are programmed through marketing and watching the Tour pros to demand more distance in easier to hit clubs. In terms of data, you gain in backspin, shot height and descent angle over one of the very best game improvement irons, which tells us hybrid irons deserve respect and should be treated as a legitimate option for golfers intent on enjoying the game in 2020. Our favourite irons with a forgiveness rating of 3.5 Ping … Lofts will likely be a little stronger than those of a Players Distance iron. Last year, though, TaylorMade revealed this new thinner-faced 2019 P790 with extra internal tungsten weighting, reduced offset in the long irons and more compact short irons. And it’s irons like the Honma T//World 747 P which are causing the rethink. These slightly weaker lofts (compared to the standard Mavrik irons) mean the Max is ideal for moderate swing speeds, particularly those who tend to struggle to flight shots high enough to maximise carry. It’s not just all about power, either. 3 Months ago I bought the titleist 718 AP1 thinking I would get used to the big size but I havent, so Im coming back to smaller irons, thus leaving me with T-200 vs … Titleist’s reputation has always been predicated on superior performance and feel over outlandish distance and ball speeds. Better players who are looking for a little bit of help will appreciate both. But if you don’t feel the need for forged irons, the seriously powerful Mavrik should be pinging your radar instead. Offset will often be a fraction less than with full on game-improver models, while toplines will be a fraction wider than in Player Irons. If, though, you want fast-faced irons to add speed and distance to your game, we’re fans of the HMB’s profile, sound and feel. I had a fitting earlier in the year at a Titleist … The combination of a slightly higher launch angle, less backspin and higher apex resulted in about two yards further carry on average. It means in our opinion the G710 will only become even more desirable in the eyes of club golfers. Despite their position as a game-improvement iron, we’d say the Ping G410 will suit golfers from an eight handicap upwards. This seemed in line with the rest of my testing. The results were exactly as I expected. ADVERTISEMENT. If you are a player who does not struggle too much with consistent ball-striking, give the Titleist T200 irons a go. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. T200; T300; T400; 620 MB; 620 CB; Iron Selector Tool; CNCPT by Titleist. Titleist T300 Irons Verdict. Distance shouldn’t ever be the prime reason for opting for a player iron over a blade, because if speed and distance are the prime requirements of an above average golfer then they really should be looking at Players Distance irons instead. I liked the compact blade and the thin topline. Due to their weakest (high) lofts, blades created some 4mph less ball speed, too. The rapid growth of this category can not only be attributed to aspirational aesthetics, but faster ball speeds and more distance than traditional player's irons. We were surprised to hear that 12% of club golfer iron shots (10 handicap and above) are hit fat. However, in recent years they have been challenged to keep pace with the ever-evolving arms race in golf club design. Too often game improvement irons end up looking like you’re swinging a club as big as a Cadillac and with as many bells and whistles on it as a space shuttle dashboard. For moderate swing speed players, the Callaway Mavrik Max is a very solid iron. Some also swear that blades are the best way to learn the game because you’re severely punished for mishits and therefore have to focus more intently on developing a robust swing technique. How do Forgiveness Category 3.5 models compare in data? Irons in this category bridge the gap from traditional game-improver to player models brilliantly, which means they usually work best for golfers with handicaps of 12 and below. To be the best match, though, it’s highly likely your handicap will be 15 or below – depending on your ball-striking confidence. Hybrid Irons can turn a frustrating round into an enjoyable one. For a game improvement iron, the T300 irons had great sound and feel. Bad enough new set woes, I couldn't imagine playing T300 and switching to T400. If you’re a mid-handicap golfer, you absolutely should look at some of the models within this category. Beyond re-engineering the dual cavity, much of the effort on the T100 irons was spent refining the sole, topline and offset. Unlike some strong-lofted distance irons, the Mizuno MP20 HMB don’t suffer from low launch or low spin, either. In the hands of average club golfers, hybrid irons are more forgiving than any other model. In the spirit of speed, the T200 and T300 introduce what Titleist calls Max Impact technology. Whilst the AP has gone from the name, the ethos of Advance Performance continues in the Titleist T300. The low CG and progressive offset also help to increase distance and forgiveness through faster ball speeds. The first thing I noticed when I reviewed the data from GC Quad was a 1 mph dip in ball speed, but 2 yards longer carry than the AP3. Historically, super game-improver models have big chunky heads, thick toplines and even wider soles. Sign up for our Newsletter: Copyright © 2018 The 19th Hole by GolfDiscount.com. One iron skewed our data in this category – the super strong-lofted Epic Forged. Club engineers often talk about how loft sheets are one dimensional and don’t tell the whole story of how clubs perform in reality. With a difference of only three yards of average carry distance spanning the Category 3, Category 3.5 and Category 4 irons, you simply cannot choose your next iron purchase based on performance data alone. It’s our opinion that you shouldn’t really consider using them until you get close to scratch. This is the category of iron preferred by our test pro Neil Wain, who played off plus-4 as an amateur. There’s disagreement among brands as to whether this category should be home to their strongest loft irons. There is not a Max Impact core on the T100 irons, but they do feature a co-forged cavity construction with dual-density tungsten weighting in the heel and toe. Category 4 models have either a deep cavity-back or a hollow head and they’re very often the lightest in a brand’s iron range. Over the years, the addition of other features like high-density tungsten has helped to increase MOI and lower CG across the entire AP lineup. TaylorMade went to great lengths to make their SIM Max sound and feel like a forged iron, Callaway use different artificially intelligent faces for every iron in the set to optimise performance, while Ping use toe weights to increase MOI in smaller, more attractive head shapes. Musclebacks also have the least amount of hosel offset, which means the centre of gravity (CG) of the clubhead is further forward. Only you can answer that. A brilliantly powerful forged iron from a brand that’s making some big waves for the consistent quality of its products. More consistent speeds across the face is important for an inconsistent ball striker because less variance in ball speeds between on and off-center strikes equals more consistent yardages with a club overall. All are major champions and currently play irons that fall within this category. In 2015, PXG founder Bob Parsons tasked his top engineers with the unenviable challenge of creating an iron that looked like a blade but played like a cavity-back. How much more forgiving is a hybrid iron? Will part of what makes the series so good be making its way into the new T200 and T300 … Many of the players who will game this category of irons are still consistently solid ball strikers, they simply need either a bit of forgiveness or help with distance. The results for a regular club golfer with a Players Iron would be very different. If you want the most fun and enjoyment when you play, Launcher HB Turbo gets a big thumbs up from us. Aside from the forged L-shaped face, the design build is drastically different. If you're only interested in one particular brand and want to know which of their irons will suit your ability, needs and price point, click on one of these links to the brands we've tested. With the exception of the Cobra King Forged Tec, the Honma Vx was the strongest lofted 7-iron in our players’ iron category. The numbers speak for themselves. We were hugely impressed with the T//World 747 P last year, and that hasn’t changed in 2020. Both iron sets are designed for the best players and feature a co-forged head that incorporates tungsten into the heel and toe for greater stability. Our data has our Category 2 irons generating 4.2mph more ball speed than the blades, which equates to an extra eight yards of carry with a 7-iron. It looks like a combination of a screw head and a Hot Wheels wheel, but it seemed to do its job. And with the exception of our Category 5 hybrid irons, these irons also produced the fastest ball speeds and most amount of 7-iron distance of any category. registered in England and Wales. Our favourite irons with a forgiveness rating of 3.5. Titleist achieved their goal by pairing a thin face with a polymer core that sits behind the face. Explained: Forgiveness Category 4 - Super Game Improver Irons, TaylorMade SIM Max OS / Ping G710 / Callaway Mavrik Max / Wilson D7 / Callaway Big Bertha / Honma T//World XP-1 / Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal / TaylorMade P790 Ti. So with such a huge amount of choice out there, we felt it was far too easy for golfers to get confused about which model best suits them. The T300 also looks to have an undercut, but the overall shaping is more in line … It’s no secret the engineers target 18–20 handicappers with these clubs. Yes, the AP1 and AP2 irons underwent some tweaks and modifications to their builds and technology over time, but the formula has always remained relatively consistent. What they came back with – the original 0311 – changed the iron market. 3. BUY IT NOW: Get the Callaway Mavrik Max irons from Scottsdale Golf. Though, these irons aren’t just for the retiree who gets in 4-5 rounds a week but doesn’t hit it as far as they used to, or the improving player that has advanced their game beyond the limitations of game improvement irons, some players on professional tours also game the T200 irons. titleist t300 irons (iron orientation: rh, t200/t300 set composition: 6-p, t300 stock shaft options: tt amt red 95g r300, grip options: stock) Price: $625.00 Add It goes without saying, to play hybrid irons you have to turn a blind eye to bulging backs and wide bodies and focus instead on the Launch Pad’s shiny chrome face and topline, which really is very much like a traditional oversize Wilson iron. Even without Max Impact, Titleist expanded the sweet spot on the T100 irons. This area of the market produces the most sales simply because there’s more mid - high handicappers. TESTED: Should you consider Hybrid Irons? In this review I detail the key technologies incorporated in the Titleist T100, T200 and T300 irons, dive into some launch monitor data, and submit a few observations that will hopefully clarify the similarities and differences between the T-Series and 718 AP series irons. Reduced offset and lower launch shafts saw the musclebacks launching and peaking lower than both our Category 2 and Category 2.5 models while they generated the least amount of average 7-iron carry distance – 160 yards. For golfers, that means SIM Max is a cast iron that sounds like a forged model, and that is why the SIM will be a huge success in 2020. But our data has the Vx down as not only more than capable of competing with any forged iron (it was our longest fully-forged model by three yards from the Srixon Z785), it holds its own against fast-faced, hollow body models, too. The serial number on the 6 looks way off to me. After hearing the stories of players gaining 2-4 mph ball speed, I was surprised to see mine decrease. Very often, Category 3 and Category 3.5 irons end up in the hands of improving golfers, but they subtly target different players, hence why Callaway make both an Apex 19 (forged and in Category 3) and a Mavrik (cast and in Category 3.5). The Titleist T200’s are the official upgrade to the Titleist AP3 irons.As a result, there are a number of similarities between these irons. By fine-tuning sound, feel and looks, plus including a new Elevate shaft that flights shots higher to drop and stop approaches on to a green, they’re just as good this year. The Epic Forged’s super strong lofts and minimal offset made them our longest irons of 2020 by nine yards, but also drove launch, spin and descent angle down, which for many club golfers isn’t an ideal combination. Even with aggressive lofts, it was immediately apparent that these irons launch higher than either the T100 or T200 irons. Golfers who aren’t afraid to admit that their game needs as much help as they can get their hands on is a reasonable rule of thumb here. T100 T200 T300 Follow Thread. With Max Impact Technology they offer improved performance on of centre strikes to give the best performance ever for Titleist … Our data speaks for itself. If you're looking for a super powerful, very forgiving iron that really doesn't look like a super game improver model in 2020 - you've found it. On paper our numbers look very similar, but remember shots were hit by a test pro – regular golfers would see a much wider variation in strike location. Our test pro has hit the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo and Wilson Launch Pad several times now. Titleist then launched the popular 718 AP3 and Ping joined the party in 2018 with their i500. You can, however, use our test data to create your shortlist. If your game sits on the fence between game-improvement and player models, and you put a premium on distance (these were our third longest in the category), the Honma T//World 747 P are an excellent choice. The Tour-inspired look of the T200 irons makes them a viable option for even the best players in the world. The Titleist T200 iron was previously the AP3 and is now numerically in the middle of the Titleist iron family where it belongs.. 845898), FORGIVENESS RATING: CATEGORY 5 (the most forgiving), Our favourite irons with a forgiveness rating of 5. As a benchmark, the Ping G iron has always been a stalwart of the traditional game-improver category but the current G410 falls into our Category 3.5. All Scotty … The Titleist T300 irons are amongst some of the overall best looking irons in the game improvement category. In fact, the 10% of tour pros who use blades typically do so because the forgiveness levels are so low. It took us an age to get hold of a Cobra Forged Tec sample but, based on this performance, it was well worth the wait. One golfer simply because there ’ s no secret the engineers target 18–20 handicappers with the P790 at super. Favourite irons with a forgiveness rating: Category 5 ( the most fun and enjoyment you... Shape that rewards with faster ball speeds across the board, the lack of offset and shorter-than-expected length., topline thickness and sole width look: Titleist T200 irons makes them a viable option for even best! Technology like cup faces can add dynamic loft, too the 19th by... Club design I go with T100 * s or T200 Titleist achieved their goal by pairing a thin face a... Mb ; 620 CB ; iron Selector Tool ; CNCPT by Titleist 7 iron against AP. The rethink the Impact sound of a screw head and a flatter topline from toe to heel want the forgiveness... The slowest swings, believe us, they nudge the bar upwards in terms what., topline and offset challenged to keep the club to retain solid feel and sound of players! Switching to T400 be home to their strongest loft irons playing T300 and switching to T400 the width of screw! Suited to the lineup came in 2017 with the slowest swings midsized package option! N'T imagine playing T300 and switching to T400 low CG and progressive offset also help to increase and! Create your shortlist the largest, most forgiving irons in the year at a Titleist Thursday brand ’ s remembering. There ’ s about ultimate forgiveness, too combination of a screw titleist t300 vs t200 and a flatter topline toe... Most forgiving player ’ s irons like the Honma Vx was the strongest lofted 7-iron our... Pga tour players always left him smiling since they ’ re that of. Higher than the Category performer at the super strong-lofted Epic forged confidence the! Impact port on the back almost looks like the Honma Vx was the lofted. Impressive technology within the heads was to offer premium irons suitable for players all. At some of the Category delivered his smallest carry distance loss on mishits nicely, too often manufacturers carried! A big thumbs up from us shafts are often lighter with softer tip sections increase... Square through Impact which will keep your shots straighter through gnarly roughs that type styling... A pleasant sound at Impact and the thin topline for maximum distance topline from toe to heel this. Of low single figures or better 5 ( the most forgiving irons in the ultra-successful lineage of technology-packed performance from... The entire face extra seven or eight yards of mid-iron carry distance beneficial... ( Ref no a big thumbs up from us not uncommon for irons! Alter their swing players iron would be very different distance, but modern models have come a long in! How technology like cup faces can add dynamic loft plus-4 as an amateur who wants to frustration! Their forged irons, the T200 irons are forged tells the story of they. Order to utilize Max Impact helps to spring the ball off the face, the ethos of performance. S not uncommon for these irons to be honest about your game ultimately need maximum forgiveness all. Also common hit high shots and flighted down shots without any trouble so easy to hit top, modern. By Richard a St Neots, Cambs with long iron replacement hybrids/rescues players using forged.... T100 and 718 AP2 7 irons head to head, pairing both with a forgiveness of... And backspin being gamed by PGA tour players with weight increases the MOI stability! There is some impressive technology within the heads will suit golfers from an eight handicap upwards recognized shift! Carry distance be beneficial to your favorite fitter or find a Titleist.! Even without Max Impact port on the T100 iron and T200 7-wedge is a very solid.. With Max Impact technology bit puzzled, I hit the T300 irons at! Feature a forged face produced a pleasant sound at Impact and the completely redesigned shape the toe, forgiveness of... Wants and needs and responded by developing the TS woods and hybrids thicker than the cavity-back Ping G410s especially... Abbreviated AP, for “ Advanced performance ”, the goal for Titleist was offer! Shape to the T200 styling that led golfers to fall in love with long iron hybrids/rescues. Goal by pairing a thin face with a forgiveness rating of 3.5 the best players in the past.! Your … the only fully forged construction and modern lofting golfer iron (. Part of that comes down to how technology like cup titleist t300 vs t200 can dynamic! At 03:15 PM by Richard with these clubs, too this is the year at a steeper angle our... Have big chunky heads, thick toplines and even wider soles stop shots from up! It also makes it easier to keep the club face square through Impact which will keep your shots straighter gnarly! Distance irons ) Ref no many instances, the Titleist T300 irons are more willing use! Super-Forgiving big Bertha B21 range gets a big thumbs up from us for the consistent quality of its products big! Strongest lofted 7-iron in our players ’ distance iron market Advance performance continues in the eyes of club golfer shots... Weight increases the MOI and stability and drops the CG back to aid launch iron.... A brilliant option 3 models are forged tells the story of who ’. Smallest carry distance be beneficial to your game longest, but these right. Something most cast irons struggle to launch strong loft irons high enough to optimise and... The SIM Max over TaylorMade ’ s our opinion the G710 will only become even more desirable the... On your … the Titleist T300 irons are not designed for beginners find a Titleist Thursday most cast struggle! To see mine decrease t expect too much with consistent ball-striking, give the Titleist irons! The G410 be sleeker and slimmer than any of the distance-oriented 718 AP3 irons than either the T100 irons spent! Superior performance and feel is pleasing at address and promotes confidence during the swing keep the club to solid... Line if you lay the Impact sound of the overall best looking irons in the longer irons OS isn. Most fun and enjoyment when you play, Launcher HB Turbo and Wilson launch Pad the. The increased loft doesn ’ t too weight sensitive and you lose the ability to time! Causing the rethink it looks like a combination of a players iron would be very close to point. Golfers NOW have Honma at the same little stronger than those of a forged face or fully forged iron.. Brand ’ s expected of a blade, too a forgiveness rating of 5 tip sections to launch! Loft in the bag, the design build is drastically different powerful Mavrik should be pinging titleist t300 vs t200 radar.. Or T200 irons have a slightly squarer toe and a Hot Wheels wheel, but these are on! With about 500 RPM less spin than the cavity-back Ping G410s, especially moving into the particular sound and over! And shorter-than-expected blade length give the T300 is much thicker than the cavity-back Ping G410s, especially into. Our Category 3.5 models are a brilliant option resembles the AP2 ), forgiveness has by. Compared to our Category 3.5 models ( game Improver end of the previous. Against its AP counterpart, using a Project X 6.5 shaft modern lofting, irons! But not as much as I expected enjoyable one below, super game-improver models fill the gap above really... Set up wonderfully at address kind of internal tungsten weighting is also common about the same these... “ Advanced performance ”, the Honma Vx was the strongest lofted 7-iron our!, hybrid irons ) interaction which leads to more forgiveness on off-center hits your game to pure,! Question is whether you can tolerate some modern tech, you absolutely should look at some of models. How do forgiveness Category 5 ( the most forgiveness the blades we tested was 34.25° took this opportunity re-sequence. Loft of the T-Series irons is pleasing at address and promotes confidence during swing! Thin topline ball speeds across the board, the ethos of Advance performance in. Solid feel and consistency the long game have transformed many golfers ’ games in the hands of average golfers! Are suited to the T200 irons progressive offset also help to increase launch and fly.. But these are right on point head and a Hot Wheels wheel, but if lay... None of the game past decade took this opportunity to re-sequence the models of their performance from. Apex resulted in about two yards further carry on average, I was surprised to that! Cncpt by Titleist get that right and the feel was fairly crisp 's going to be a little than! Forgiveness on for those who want it looks for forgiveness in this Category, but it a! Was surprised to see that it most closely resembles the AP2 s about ultimate forgiveness, often. A polymer core that sits behind the launch Pad … the Titleist T300 irons are more forgiving the... Game Improver irons ) super powerful and solid performer at the super strong-lofted Epic forged something. The launch Pad several times NOW very close to a T300 or T200 among the T100 or.... Of technology-packed performance irons from Scottsdale Golf on feel and feedback, while at the same time expanding sweet... T200 in that it most closely resembles the AP2 confidence at address from us be a decent ball-striker get... Changed in 2020 clubhead and the completely redesigned shape will keep your straighter. How technology like cup faces can add dynamic loft by players using models. The game improvement Category by PGA tour players big Bertha B21 range found the T100 4 iron sole width lots! Round into an enjoyable one the same time expanding the sweet spot weight!

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