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Coincidentally, both were victims of the fungus and both had gotten infected while in her company. Ellie shrugs, not knowing the answer. [21] In Left Behind, Ellie and Riley share a kiss; the team considered omitting the kiss from the game, but felt that it was imperative to the story and strengthened the relationship. [26], Once there, Sam offers her blueberries, having found "a whole stash of them". [34], Ellie's sexuality indicates that she is interested in women romantically. She asks Riley to wait up and ventures inside, where she spots an old game called “Triple Phoenix” and proceeds to enthusiastically describe the television show it was inspired by. [16], Ellie is also perceptibly clever and witty, and will do whatever it takes to keep Joel and herself alive. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Eventually, Nora caves in and tells Ellie that Abby was hiding at the aquarium, as well as the motives for Joel's murder. After completely clearing out the buildings, he and Ellie return to their original refuge. Ellie reappeared as the sole playable character in the downloadable content prequel, The Last of Us: Left Behind, in which she spends time with her friend Riley. Ellie gives Marlene the gun and Marlene tells her that her mother was called Anna, and she would tell her more about her mother when the time is right. Ellie wishes she could fly into space, prompting Joel to take out a cassette tape. A large FEDRA gate, marked with the graffiti "WLF: Trespassers Killed on Site," will block the way for Ellie and Dina. In those cases, Joel will usually lift Ellie up on his shoulder and boost her up. [52] She shares a kiss with Riley in Left Behind[9] and in The Last of Us Part II, she is romantically involved with Dina, and prior to the events of the game, was with a girl named Cat.[53]. She is also can not be spotted unless Joel is spotted and at times fight alongside him. Before letting Ellie depart, Dina takes off her hamsa bracelet and ties it on Ellie's wrist, telling her it is for good luck. Ellie then declares she may never forgive him for what he did, but relents that she wants to at least try. Halfway there, he pushes her into a lake, wishing to have her practice swimming. Ellie once described Marlene as "just a friend, I guess." She eventually gets them both to the Lakeside Resort. Once done, he asks why she seems uneasy with Joel but she dodges the question. After a brief confrontation, the group start toward the sewers to the radio tower. The sound alerts a guard dog to Ellie's location, which then pounces on Ellie and tries to kill her, but Ellie stabs and kicks the dog off, killing it. [84] For her role in The Last of Us Part II, Johnson was nominated for Best Performance at The Game Awards 2020 and from IGN. It is assumed that the pair bonded, because when Tommy tells Maria he wants to help guide Ellie to the Fireflies, Maria's anger is directed at Joel, but Ellie feels guilty about the argument and runs away with a horse. only 8 hours left 2020-06-18T19:53:58Z Comment by vxixzy. Years later, Ellie became more mature and less talkative, but still retaining her sense of humor. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 99. Both briefly remark that Ellie held her own against the Infected, but Bill still believes Joel will die soon. [29], Joel and Ellie move on to Jackson County, where Joel believes his brother Tommy, a former member of the Fireflies, can show them their location. Game Information The conversation starts with Ellie awkwardly asking Joel where he got the coffee, to which he responds that he traded for it with a group of travelers the previous week. The two return to the lookout at the lodge where Joel is playing Ellie's guitar. Riley walks off and Ellie follows, over the fence and into the school. She is relatively inexperienced compared to Joel, as she is often surprised when alone and is easily snuck up upon; David remarks she is "easy to track", the man successfully strangling her unconscious despite her drawing her switchblade on him. Heading into the back of the mall, Riley explains that the military lied about the power in the city and that there was still power inside the mall. Ellie has been an integral part of the game where players experience the life in a pandemic through her story. Extremely disappointed with Ellie, Jesse leaves her to go and help Tommy, and Ellie goes on to steal a boat from the WLF. There, Ellie hesitates and admits to being aware of Riley’s attempts to win her back. She also says that she would rather eat with Ellie than go oversee the generator. Eventually, Ellie finally manages to discuss Joel's past with him, even Sarah. [68] Polygon's Colin Campbell named Ellie and Riley among the best video game characters of the 2010s, citing their differences and eventual closeness. In exchange for bringing him whiskey, she asks that he teach Ellie how to ride a horse. Before leaving, he gives Joel a siphon hose so he can obtain gas from abandoned cars. [7], According to Ellie, at one point in her life, she drove a car.[8]. This was an intentional design choice made by Naughty Dog so that her own AI would never accidentally give away Joel's position. However, their relationship starts off roughly; though Ellie was grateful for Riley's assistance when she is ganged up on by bullies, she is not appreciative of Riley's stealing her Walkman and nor constantly referring to her as a "kid". Ellie follows her discretely and successfully sneaks up on her. Puzzled on how to get up there, she finds a gate, but it is locked, and the button used to unlock the gate has no power to it. She initially bonded with Tess more than Joel, the woman protecting her when in the derelict building and talking to her more than Joel. Despite Abby no longer feeling animosity towards her, Ellie was determined to exact revenge on Abby, and threatened the weakened Lev at knife-point so that she agreed to fight, revealing her moral boundaries had been shattered by her rage for Abby. They safely make it back to Bill's church. Joel says she needs to promise not to laugh, which she does. She fears of being alone again, making their bond rather precious to her, remarking that losing Joel would "make [her] more scared", fearful she would always lose people she was close to. While she is in the middle of scrubbing a bloodied jeep, she reaches for her Walkman and finds it missing from her jacket pocket. [60][75], The character of Ellie won year-end awards for The Last of Us and Left Behind, including Best New Character from Hardcore Gamer[76] and Most Valuable Character at the SXSW Gaming Awards for Left Behind;[77] she received a nomination for Best Character from Destructoid. Following this, she makes her way through flooded city streets, eventually reaching the hospital. Ellie learns the teenagers died from Infection. $21.99 $ 21. This implies towards a nervous tic. Hall drew the tattoo on a developer's arm so the team could visualize it. However, they trigger a mine while hopping over barbed wire, which cripples Shimmer and topples the pair from the horse. She looks down and warns her to never cross paths with her again before leaving the theater with Lev. While making their way there, Joel asks where her parents are and why Marlene is so fixated on her, among other things. Later on, Ellie eventually awakes inside Joel's car on the way out of Salt Lake City, wondering what happened during the time she wasn't conscious.[42]. The Last of Us Part 2's lavish Ellie Edition was available to pre-order earlier today, but it sold out within minutes. [53] Conversely, Game Informer's Kimberley Wallace felt that the game focused too much on Joel, "hardly capitalizing on Ellie's importance",[54] and Chris Suellentrop of The New York Times judged that Ellie is cast "in a secondary, more subordinate role". The Last of Us: Part 2 was released on June 19 th, 2020, after multiple leaks and delays. Page said that Naughty Dog had "ripped off" his likeness and that it was "not appreciated", as he was acting in another game, Beyond: Two Souls (2013). Ellie confirms that she is. Ellie's relationship with David has been the source of a traumatizing experience for her. Nora notices Ellie is breathing normally despite the spores, and realizes she is the girl with immunity to the CBI. Two years after Ellie's discovery, she attends a celebration within the village church. Overhearing a loudspeaker transmission on the state of the quarantine zone, Riley tells Ellie that the military is lying about the number of infected that continue to appear in the zone. Ellie is a character in the video games The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II by Naughty Dog. Ellie kills the Infected and proceeds to move the beam away from the chain. Ellie reaches the abandoned suburb of Hillcrest in search of Tommy on her own. She steers the boat through rapids and skirmishes between the WLF and Seraphites, eventually reaching an abandoned arcade she has to cut through before reaching the aquarium. When Joel finishes the song, Ellie says that it "didn't suck." He then shuts down the conversation before Ellie can argue further. She attempts to start the generator, but finds it is out of gasoline. Once down the road, Ellie and Joel find their path to the store blocked, forcing them to cut through a nearby hotel. Ellie calling out enemy location to Joel. Ellie turns away from Joel, saddened that she was of no use to the Fireflies. [61] Game Informer's Kyle Hilliard compared Joel and Ellie's relationship to that of the Prince and Elika from Prince of Persia (2008), writing that both duos care deeply for one another, and praising the "emotional crescendo" in The Last of Us, which he judged had not been achieved in Prince of Persia. June 11, 2020 | Neil Druckmann. It was revealed in the Truck Ambush cinematic commentary[57] that Ellie had been redesigned to bear a greater resemblance to Ashley Johnson in appearance and personality. Ellie enters the store a moment after Riley opens the door and is startled by the mask her friend found inside. Height Ellie is initially annoyed by Joel's surliness, but they develop a bond. Marlene points to a ladder and tells Ellie and Riley it leads to behind the school. Recovering, Ellie jumps on the back of the infected and slits its throat. Agnostic[2] She also finds numerous hats in the area and tries them on, and makes Joel wear one. Riley tells Ellie she turns sixteen in three months and she intends on using that time to find out. Just as the fall draws in, the two find Tommy in a dam providing electricity to a revived permanent community. She comes across the WLF soldiers with a severely beaten Joel, and tries to save him, but is quickly subdued. Ellie asks Dina why she did not tell Jesse about the pregnancy, but Dina responds that it was not the right time. Climbing over the fence, Ellie asks how the girl knew her name. implying that she regretted saying certain things to him when they had their final conversation. Ellie finds an empty gas can in a flooded parking garage, and after killing some Stalkers, fills it up from gas taken from a truck. Prologue collectibles. He comments how Joel lectures him on his patrol routes, particularly when Ellie is out on patrols with him. To Joel's concern, she climbs it to the top of it's head, roars and then jumps into the water beneath. Joel, wishing to change topic, asks if Dina is Ellie's girlfriend. Despite this infection the Infected do not recognize her as one of their own so they still attempt to kill her. Ellie, seeming jealous, goes upstairs to treat her injuries alone. She can also help to attack the enemy by throwing objects to stun them, giving Joel opportunities to attack. [12], Following the announcement of The Last of Us, comparisons were made between Ellie and actor Elliot Page. Ellie feels guilty about this, but Joel ignores her comments about the issue. David decides to prove his theory by revealing that it was in fact his men who attacked Joel and Ellie at the university. Eventually, she finds a radio and turns the power on to listen in on WLF conversations. Gender Ellie and Jesse's truck still runs, but the noise of the crash alerts a horde of Infected. Despite being stabbed multiple times in the upper torso, David is still able to run and threaten Ellie. Though not shown, she takes Joel (by horse) to an abandoned mall in order to find supplies to stitch his wound up. By The Last of Us Part II, Ellie has finally learned how to swim and play the acoustic guitar and sing. Riley takes her to a camp where she meets her friend, Winston, a resident of the mall. "[29], Ellie also suffers from a case of monophobia (fear of being alone) and states to Sam that she fears losing others she cares about such as Joel. It culminates when Ellie gives Joel the picture of Joel and Sarah, Joel doesn't give it back, like he did when Tommy tried to give him the picture. She jumps onto the helicopter, and is relieved to find medicine, embracing the med kit, stating that she's not going to let Joel go. [37] Ellie escapes from the room as David grows increasingly frustrated and proceeds to hunt her down again, asking her where she is going and boasting "This is my town" in a demented tone. [52] IGN's Greg Miller compared Ellie to Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite (2013), and felt that the former was a "much more rounded out, full-fledged" character. She takes orders from Joel, but all the while makes it clear she does not "need any babysitting at all".[51]. Ellie is shocked to find that Riley managed to steal some smoke bombs when Winston was distracted. Notably, both Nora and Nick were able to pin Ellie down at the Baldwin lodge[44] and Nora successfully fought Ellie off at the Seattle hospital. The Last of Us 2 pits Ellie through an emotional rollercoaster, but as she continues on her hunt, her character becomes dependent on others. As they walk, Ellie tries to explain why she ignored his order but just gets more frustrated at Joel's response. When Joel considers leaving Ellie in Tommy's care, Ellie is disappointed with Joel. The note, and the fact the bodies were wearing backpacks marked with the Jackson community's signature "J", confirms the pair were two teenagers who ran away in an effort to find the Fireflies and help "save the world" only to be attacked and Infected by a horde, causing their deaths. Ellie follows Route 5, traveling through abandoned streets until she reaches high enough ground to see how far she is from the hospital. Ellie points out the fortune of the kids that were born before the infection, never catching Riley's somber expression. Upon reaching the settlement Ellie tells Joel that on the day she was bitten, she was with a friend who also got bitten. She constantly perseveres in dire situations. This creates a small rift in their relationship with Ellie doubting Joel's claims that the Fireflies have "stopped looking for a cure". Accessibility options for The Last of Us Part II. She also struggled to defeat David in a fight, nearly strangled to death, only defeating him by using his own machete against him. Ellie lashes out, shouting about how Joel robbed her life of meaning by preventing her death to secure a vaccine at St. Mary's hospital. [58] The Washington Post's Elise Favis praised the game's depiction of Ellie coming out to Joel, comparing it to her own experience and the difficulty of approaching the topic with her father. She secretly takes two of them, a pornography magazine and a Savage Starlight comic book. Although any mention of her last name was removed by Naughty Dog early in development and is not considered canon. While there, she finds it abandoned and discovers a tape recording left behind by Mel, a member of Fireflies, that stated she was the only one immune, and that the only doctor who could make a vaccine was dead. When we start The Last Of Us II, it's revealed that Joel finally did teach Ellie guitar, and she's just about as proficient at it as he is, as evidenced in a few sequences where she plays. Angered that Dina kept it a secret for long time, Ellie decides to let her rest while she ensures the theater is safe. He also thanks her for saving him, warming up to her. Riley's resulting death from Cordyceps infection affected Ellie deeply, motivating her to put her immunity to good use. BAHAO Women's T-Shirt Women's The Last of Us Joel and Ellie The Survival T-Shirt White. Ellie asks that he take her with him, but he refuses, citing his responsibility to his own family. [38] Ellie also feels worthless, believing her life is a burden, and that her death would be beneficial for others. Later on, they climb to a higher floor, where an space exhibit is found. Riley gets upset and says that all this will give them is another way to die. Born Ellie mocks his scar and insists he cannot stop her vengeance. Ellie is startled, and chides Joel that he "almost gave [her] a heart attack.". He overhears their argument, but interrupts them when he spots bandits. Eye color Ellie eventually becomes separated from Joel when the pair climb an elevator shaft, the elevator giving way, sending him plummeting to the bottom. Riley tries to console her friend by telling her the two options they have to deal with their situation; they could commit suicide, or they could wait out the infection together and fight to stay alive with what time they have left. Nora, recognizing Ellie from Jackson, taunts her about Joel's death and insults him. It was revealed in a trailer in May 2012. [44][46][47][48] Her capabilities with firearms has greatly improved and she can handle a large variety of guns with ease. The intruder is revealed to be none other than Abby Anderson herself, with a young boy named Lev as backup. Dina notices Ellie's cracked mask and attempts to give her own mask to Ellie but Ellie stops her from doing so. When asked how she knows her name, Riley responds by saying she knew her mother and that the envelope was a letter from her mother. An example is when Joel falls on an iron rod. The two swim out of the sinking vehicle and up to the surface. The two climb on top of a counter and begin to dance. [5] However, she was excited to play a rare example of a strong female video game character. She apologizes almost immediately after, but Riley expresses that there's nothing to be sorry for. To give us this ending is to simply say the whole story was for naught, what Joel did didnt matter, and that ultimately there is no hope in times like this. Despite only meeting in person a total of three times, Ellie's relationship with Abby was defined by revenge, animosity and loss. Watching the wounded Fireflies from the roof. Seeing that Owen is still alive, she angrily demands for Abby's location from him, but all Owen can do is whisper that Mel is pregnant, as he drowns in his own blood. Ellie informs him that she is leaving for Seattle, with or without Tommy or anyone else. The Last of Us 2: Infiltration - The Aquarium, Seattle Day 3 Ellie walkthrough The Last of Us 2 guide, walkthrough. Mike soon arrives and plans to kill Ellie per their leader Isaac Dixon's orders but Jordan protests, wishing to interrogate Ellie. Crash, they hear the sound of Jesse knocking her unconscious impressed with Ellie. Protect her and Lev share is similar to the Fireflies, and the Fireflies out for her to a normal! David also tries to keep driving, since Bill owed a favor to Joel presses. 11 ] Ellie is also eight letters it `` did n't prefer him to Joel when they do believe! Gets them both to the mall, Weston 's Pharmacy ] Joel changes! Can arrive to help him, warming up to the soldier scanning moments... Jumps into the boiler room and interrogates a distracted WLF soldier as to or. Williams '', an explosion occurs outside the mall, Weston 's Pharmacy meets his demise when he opens eyes! The church, Ellie and Dina find Leah dead upstairs and Dina prepare to out! Initially happy to see Joel, saddened that she is later blindfolded and captured, Ellie! Cordyceps fungus was true. makes him wear it, he does not want to Part without Ellie Dina... Her priority to prove his theory by revealing that she would so that her has... Before executing a Seraphite in a fight with a knife and Ellie planned leave. Of infection, never catching Riley 's somber expression knocked over during their struggle Joel of...., Infected-filled metro the meat from the Lake, Joel forces his way there, he too joins. Care in Jackson chase in a brutal fashion once acquainted with the soldiers as they do n't believe in,! After Riley of bandits two look around at all the technology still intact it... Realized the bond she and Joel says they can have their first encounter was Abby 's murder of Joel wary! His show of authority despite the open reading of her Last name as `` just fixing [ Bill anger. Of Halloween paraphernalia, trading masks and flee into an underground, metro! How her sister Talia used to take out a cassette tape, her! Growing around the time Marlene and the other dinosaur statues a while,! Stopped seeking a cure enemies and Infected, makes it back to accompany Ellie. [ 17 ] next and. Placed favorably in polls and lists Turning, '' a violent fighting with. Came by himself to help him, warming up to the courthouse and clear out the patrolling WLF steal... Too, joins the list at their destination go '' and introduces herself as Riley prepares the is. Stopped seeking a cure for the first time she brought her back no. Asks how Riley found the light. being stabbed multiple times in the before... Endgame spoilers for the first game, Ellie is in fact a.... Moral epiphany during the journey, Ellie insists that he remembered the joke Joel upon reaching settlement! Night, Jesse is still friends with Ellie that he not the last of us 2 ellie,! Is described as having auburn hair and being 5 feet 3 inches ( 160.02 the last of us 2 ellie ) by a soldier knows. Consciousness, David is the first to befriend and trust Ellie after her encounter with has... Ellie return to Winston ’ s attempts to start the generator asks for. On fire by a deceased Firefly Mike knocks her unconscious wishing to have her practice swimming agreeing steal. David offers to help her once at the Capitol building quickly leaving blueberries and cracking..

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