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PK 259.2     Entrance to lock-cut, l/b Print this map Tunnels – There are four tunnels, at Ham, Revin, Verdun and Koeurs. PK 161.9     Dun-sur-Meuse quay, village r/b The river offers spectacular scenery where it cuts deep into the Ardennes hills downstream of Charleville-Mézières. This river is important to the economy of Belgium as it provides navigable areas that connect port cities to industrial cities. PK 148.6     Stenay quays both banks, small town 500m, mooring for 16 boats in unnavigable arm r/b, night €7, water, electricity, shower, slipway The border remained stable until the annexation of the Three Bishoprics Metz, Toul and Verdun by King Henry II in 1552 and the occupation of the Duchy of Lorraine by the forces of King Louis XIII in 1633. PK 84.9     Bridge PK 247.0     Lock 9 (Koeur-la-Petite), bridge Distance: The full signposted international route runs 1152 kilometres through France, Belgium and Holland. PK 45.4     Lock 48 (Dames de Meuse), automatic, in 2.1km lock-cut, r/b PK 146.9     Bridge (Cervizy) Many important rivers run through Lorraine, including the Moselle, Meurthe, Meuse and Rhine. The current position of MEUSE RIVER is at North Sea (coordinates 51.50166 N / 0.528 E) reported 0 min ago by AIS. PK 270.4     Lock 4 (Sorcy), bridge, quay u/s r/b From Givet, the river is canalized over a distance of 272 kilometres (169 mi). can still reach the French border town of Givet. PK 72.7     Nouzonville bridge, quay d/s r/b The first landscape painted in the Middle-Age was the landscape of Meuse. PK 172.5     Entrance to 4.2km canal section, r/b PK 260.8     Lock 6 (Commercy), bridge, industrial quay u/s l/b Over … Download this waterway’s information (including extra detail) as a PDF document (click lefthand icon) or download it included in a complete set of all the waterways in this region (click righthand icon). PK 79.6     End of lock-cut, boats may navigate the Meuse 1km downstream to port de plaisance, r/b, mooring for, Charleville-Mézières, 88 berths, night €11.40, water, electricity, showers, slipway, restaurant, wifi MEUSE RIVER Current Position Where is the current position of MEUSE RIVER presently? PK 14.3     Vireux bridge, small quay for 9 boats d/s l/b, night €6.10, water, electricity, shower, slipway, village l/b behind island PK 0.5     Lock 59 (Quatre Cheminées), beginning of 2.3km lock-cut, l/b PK 181.1     Entrance to 20.8km canal section, r/b The vessel is en route to the port of London, sailing at a speed of 1.5 knots and expected to arrive there on Nov 6, 07:00.. For the French administrative division, see, A view of the Meuse in the French Ardennes at. PK 203.8     Bridge (narrow, followed by bend) The vessel MEUSE RIVER (IMO: 9866988, MMSI 205777000) is a Hopper Dredger built in 2020 and currently sailing under the flag of Belgium. PK 25.7     Lock 53 (Vanne-Alcorps) in 610m lock-cut, r/b European cycle route, La Meuse à Vélo (Meuse by bike) crosses the French county (or département) of Ardennes using the greenway called the Trans-Ardennes. PK 24.8     Haybes bridge, quay for 4 boats d/s r/b, water, slipway, town r/b The canalized Meuse used to be called the "Canal de l'Est — Branche Nord" but was recently rebaptized into "Canal de la Meuse". The department of Meuse has the number 55 and is divided into 3 districts , 31 townships and 500 municipalities. The lyrics written in 1841 describe a then–disunited Germany with the river as its western boundary, where King William I of the Netherlands had joined the German Confederation with his Duchy of Limburg in 1839. PK 149.4     Bridge PK 32.9     Railway bridge, footbridge PK 7.4     Northern entrance to Ham tunnel, length 565m PK 222.9     Lock 14 (Ambly) PK 81.3     Lock 42 (Mézières), VHF 20, automatic, water, PK 81.6     Bridge The main tributaries of the Meuse are listed below in downstream-upstream order, with the town where the tributary meets the river: The mean annual discharge rate of the Meuse has been relatively stable over the last few thousand years. PK 210.4     Lock 17 (Haudainville), bridge PK 61.6     Private quay l/b, water and electricity, PK 62.4     Château-Regnault bridge, mooring for 6 boats (free) u/s r/b, water, electricity, slipway, village overlooked by rocky peaks (Rocher des 4 Fils Aymon) Headroom – The minimum headroom is 3.50m above normal water level. PK 171.2     Flood lock (Vilosne), bridge, village r/b The locks above Verdun have the standard ‘Freycinet’ dimensions of 38.50 by 5.20m. An international agreement was signed in 2002 in Ghent, Belgium about the management of the river amongst France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Belgium. PK 40.7     Lock 49 (Orzy) in 300m lock-cut, r/b PK 17.7     Bridge (Jean Matine) The Meuse River is the largest river to pass through Belgium. PK 271.1     Lock 3 (Sorcy), bridge PK 222.4     Bridge It is canalised throughout most of its course in France and Belgium and bypassed by the Juliana Canal in the Netherlands province of Limburg, to continue as a free-flow navigation down to the Rhine delta. Explore by boat, barge or ship – what are the differences? The number in parentheses after the port's location corresponds to the numbered icons on the map. PK 204.8     Weir (Grand Gueulard) l/b, watch out for cross-current PK 30.4     Lock 52 (Roche d’Uf) in 130m lock-cut, l/b PK 258.1     Flood lock, bridge, footbridge navigation re-enters Meuse PK 148.1     Flood lock (Stenay), bridge, end of lock-cut Below you will find the localization of Meuse on the map of France, and the satellite map of Meuse. PK 246.3     Bridge (Koeur-la-Grande) PK 137.4     Entrance to Pouilly lock-cut, l/b, towpath bridge over Meuse PK 39.1     Lock 50 (Revin), VHF 20, automatic, in 420m lock-cut, r/b, mooring for 10 boats on Meuse u/s of lock-cut entrance, night €4.45, water, electricity, shower, slipway PK 162.6     Dun-sur-Meuse port de plaisance opposite weir, Meuse Nautic hire base, 24 berths, night €7, fuel, water, electricity, showers, slipway, restaurant PK 123.6     Bridge PK 148.8     Lock 31 (Stenay), bridge, water PK 163.8     Entrance to 7.9km canal section, r/b PK 44.8     Anchamps quay l/b, small village PK 200.2     Thierville-sur-Meuse bridge, quay d/s r/b PK 103.7     Bridge (Villette) PK 31.2     Ferry for slate-works PK 220.7     Bridge PK 152.6     Mouzay bridge, quay d/s r/b, village 700m PK 47.3     Footbridge PK 188.4     Lock 21 (Champ), bridge PK 43.5     Bridge The most well-known wine of the region is the pinot noir of the Cotes de Toul. PK 152.1     Lock 30 (Mouzay), bridge PK 112.3     Railway bridge Meuse boasts an outstanding natural heritage that is often underestimated. The first fossils of it were discovered outside Maastricht in 1780. The Meuse is crossed by railway bridges between the following stations (on the left and right banks respectively): There are also numerous road bridges and around 32 ferry crossings. PK 158.6     End of canal section, navigation re-enters Meuse The International Meuse Route is a bicycle route along the meandering River Meuse (or Maas as it is known in Dutch) between Maastricht in the Netherlands and the French town of Sedan which boasts Europe’s largest castle. The Meuse and its crossings were a key objective of the last major German WWII counter-offensive on the Western Front, the Battle of the Bulge (Battle of the Ardennes) in the winter of 1944/45. PK 236.7     Flood gate, bridge Marcel de Wit, Robert Leander, Adri Buishand: Ward PJ, H Renssen, JCJH Aerts, RT van Balen & J Vandenberghe (2008), "Strong increases in flood frequency and discharge of the River Meuse over the Late Holocene: impacts of long-term anthropogenic land use change and climate variability". A newcomer to river cruising, the 575-mile Meuse River flows through France, Belgium and the Netherlands before meeting the North Sea. PK 239.0     Cliffs, r/b In the Netherlands it continues northwards through Venlo closely along the border to Germany, then turns towards the west, where it runs parallel to the Waal and forms part of the extensive Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt delta, together with the Scheldt in its south and the Rhine in the north. Moreover, the river is … PK 80.4     Private quays l/b PK 203.3     Verdun bridge (Porte Chaussée), quay u/s r/b, 30 berths, water, electricity, slipway, town centre on l/b PK 8.0     Southern entrance to Ham tunnel On September 26, 1918 nine American divisions began the first assault along a twenty-four mile front from the Argonne Forest to the Meuse River—about 150 miles east of Paris.

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