Trust30: the month in review

There’s two levels on which to review the Trust30 thing, and I want to address both of them here.

The first level is the simple blogging of it. It was very handy to me to have a simple structure for each day of the month, with someone else have to devise the topics and ideas for me. That part was easy and successful. I will definitely be looking for more blogging challenges like this, although I promise that I won’t do one just for the sake of doing one.

The second level is the more personal level, and on this level, I confess to being a little more disappointed. In myself, that is – too many of my answers were glib, or consisted of me saying I’d need to think about it more (and then not doing so). All in all, I think that the self-examination prompted by the Trust30 month was a good thing, and that I gained valuable insights from it. But I can’t help wishing that I’d gained more.

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