This Week, May 27 2020

This has not been a productive week. I mean, I’ve actually gotten quite a bit done, but I feel like I haven’t, because I came down with a cold on Sunday night and it’s really been knocking me for a loop. So while I’ve done some stuff, it’s mostly been the slow, under the radar stuff that won’t show in the world for a while yet. So it goes.

So, let’s see – incremental progress on JEAMLAND and PERIANDER and GALEN and KASEM and LEE (PROJECT LEE, if you’re curious, is the Pharmacopoeia Fantastica over at The Centre Cannot Hold. It’s similar to GALEN and KASEM in most respects, except that it has a narrower scope and thus requires less attention. For now. It’s named for William Lee.) No progress on PIPER or most other projects, and an agreement with a friend doing their own HAEDI to revisit that one in a few weeks.

I had to dig really quite deeply to find the name for HAEDI – I knew I’d named it a decade or so ago, but I never really did much about it then, and I had forgotten the name. It was one of a bunch of projects I had going then. Some week soon, I promise, I’ll dig them all up and look at what became of them, but not this week, due to the aforementioned feeling crap.

See you next Wednesday

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