This Week, June 3, 2020

Yeah, I know I’m a day late – just had the brain fog real bad yesterday and couldn’t get it together well enough to write this.

Okay, so this week saw small amounts of forward progress on PROJECT JEAMLAND and PROJECT PERIANDER, with more to come as they are my major focus at the moment (and indeed, when I finish this post I’ll be jumping straight back to JEAMLAND). As usual, incremental progress on PROJECTS LEE, KASEM and GALEN has continued, although the former two remain disturbingly unvisited by many people. (I’m assuming that, in the long term, volume will be the solution to that issue, but we’ll see.)

Had an idea for a new project last night – let’s call it PROJECT SUBTERRANEA but I’m not sure how well it will come together just yet. I have the first part of something, I need to know how to wrap it up. And a friend who’d been thinking in parallel to me approached me with their ideas about something I had been considering from a different point of view, and I am onboard (though not leading) that. Call it PROJECT DROMUIUS. My friend is moving forward with it, but it’s very early stages as yet.

After bringing up PROJECT HAEDI last week, it occurred to me that this isn’t the first time I’ve had a bunch of projects formulated like this, and that I should check in on where the previous generation of them – the SEKRIT PROJEKTS of 2008 – went.

HAEDI, obviously is still a going concern that I plan to move forward with later this year.

ATLANTIS was a website devoted to Aquaman and his supporting cast that I did some work on but wound up abandoning after DC’s New 52 relaunch in 2012 killed my interest in the character and my enthusiasm for the project.

CLARITAS was an editing/formatting service, and wound up getting folded into the small business I launched in 2010, and did not progress particularly far or outlive that business.

DATIVE was a website about the films of John Cusack. I have done virtually nothing on after losing my notes and having to start from scratch. It’s a surprisingly small project, but I have yet to work out how to execute it. Given that it has some overlap (in terms of needed coding skills) with another project that I am looking at for the medium term, it may wind up getting done around then.

DOMUM was a short story about Sherlock Holmes, which, frankly, I should write just to get it the hell out of my head.

EROS, like HAEDI, is another idea that I can see myself doing in the not too distant future, so I’ll talk about it more then.

GERMANI was a silly short film that I really should get around to making one of these days, although probably not just yet, since outdoor filming and social distancing don’t really mix.

MALASTRA is another idea that I really do still plan to get to one day not so very far away.

NERO has only ever been something to nibble at from time to time, and remains so.

SCRINIUM is a project that, quite frankly, I lack the skills or contacts to pursue, at least at the current time. Although it gives me an idea for another project, one I could do… 🙂

Anyway, see you next Wednesday.

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