This Week, June 12, 2020

Yeah, I know, two days late.

This has not been a terribly productive week. I’ve gotten very little done – even the daily progress of Projects Kasem and Lee has stuttered. That said, forward progress was made on projects Galen and Periander, and I even reached the second milestone of Project Jeamland. I also picked up and dusted off Project Marrok, and did a little work on that.

Project Marrok is a Pbta-based role playing game whose subject is a revisionist take on the Arthurian Mythos. I read an Arthurian novel during the week, and it inspired me to change certain aspects of the game as I have it at the moment, in ways that pleasingly broaden its scope without massively increasing the size of the actual project. So that was good. But frankly, I don’t feel fantastic about what I’ve got done this week, at the same time that I am finding it difficult to focus enough to actually do anything. It’s annoying, but that’s life in the weirds.

Oh, and my plan is be back on schedule next week. See you next Wednesday.

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