This Week, July 17, 2020

Not a lot of work got done on my own projects this week – a little of the endless edging forward of Project Lee and Project Kasem, a goodly chunk of Project Galen, but most of my efforts this week went to my contributions towards someone else’s project, the wonderful Wandrer which has enlivened and gamified my bicycle riding all of this year and part of last year.

Honestly, I’ve been taking a step back, trying to go big picture on this, and wondering which projects to push forward with and which not of late. Should I concentrate on those which will generate a profit (and which those are, given the uncertainty of the near and further futures just at the moment), or should I instead just do those which make me happy?

I find myself leaning toward the latter as I type this, but I’ve going back and forth on this for the last few weeks and I’m no closer to a decision, so who knows?

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