“Love Burns In My Heart”

I like the structure of this one, the slow fading of the first sentence exposing different angles each time. It’s not especially deep or clever, and I assume there’s some technical term for it that I’m missing, but it’s one of the things I’ve written that makes me feel proud each time I encounter it anew.
Written August 22, 2015.

Love burns in my heart
Young and pure and true
A sweet and all-knowing insanity
A passion that warms me always

Love burns my heart
Strong and hot and painful
And forever in ways I never anticipated
A fire that marks me always

Love my heart
Scarred and battered and standing still
Bleeding but never emptied
A still-smouldering coal of incredible heat

My heart
Hollowed and echoing and haunted
A wound the never heals
An subterranean seam occasionally flaring in sight

In love,

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